59509 511 ZERO-G PLATES


Works directly with our Sierra Bravo Duty Belt 59505.

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59509 511 ZERO-G PLATES

After four years of testing and development 5.11® is proud to announce the release of our Zero-G Plates, a revolutionary new modular load bearing system that dramatically increases the efficiency and comfort of your duty belt. Engineered to complement the body’s natural structure, 5.11 Zero-G Plates™ distribute weight evenly across the hips and down the femur, minimizing pressure against the spine and abdominal muscles while providing a stable and secure platform for all your gear. Crafted from low-profile non-reflective carbon fiber, 5.11 Zero-G Plates™ are tough, durable, lightweight, and integrate easily into your existing Sierra Bravo Duty Belt while providing a clean and professional appearance.

  • 5.11® Exclusive modular load bearing system
  • Amazingly comfortable, thoroughly professional
  • Promotes proper posture and reduces fatigue
  • Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber
  • Non-reflective
  • Overmolded on all side areas for comfort
  • Inner hook sided panel adheres to liner belt
  • Compatible with your existing keepers
  • 1: Lay out duty belt with every day carry pouches and accessories.
    2: Try on the main belt without the inner belt. This will allow you to insert the Zero-G plates under the main belt to gauge the correct placement on your hips. For suggested placement. The curve of the Zero-G plates should wrap around the front of your hips only slightly in order to distribute the weight evenly.
    3: Pay attention to the placement of the Zero-G plates in relation to the items on your duty belt in order to match that placement. Remove the belt and attach the Zero-G plates using one of the provided keepers. We recommend using the forward attachment slot for first placement. Try on the main belt with the attached Zero-G plates, make final adjustments to placement.
    4: Remove your duty belt and attach the 2nd keeper to both Zero-G plates. The rear attachment slots offer two possible options based on your belt set-up.
    5: The inner side of the Zero-G Plates have a strip of hook and loop compatible surface to match the inner surface of most dual belt systems, so installation will not interfere with the attachment between your main belt and the inner belt.

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